Our Approach

Indy's Indie Rock

Bonnie Lola is an indie rock, alternative rock band from Indianapolis, and began as the solo project of guitarist Grady Neff.

Currently the band is unsigned and not affiliated with a label.

Grady - vox, guitar, keys, editing, production

Zack - drums, percussion, vibes

Robbie - bass, strategy

The Story

After touring around the midwest and playing shows with bands like Manners, Please. and Pink Basement, Neff decided to spin off his own project, blending elements of rock, indie and psychedelia into one musical project.

The Style

Musically, Bonnie Lola sits at the cross section of spacey vibes and gritty rock and roll.

Gloomy vocals (Morrissey, New Order, The National)
Rock and roll guitar (Foals, Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Dreamy melodies (Arcade Fire, Radiohead)

We don't sound like indie pop, we like gritty rock licks too much.

We don't sound like pure roots rock and roll, we like psychedelic melodies too much.

Maybe it's new wave? But like a post punk, alternative leaning new wave? Who knows man, just listen to it and stop trying to put us neatly in a box.